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Greenwar uses design as a discourse, with a satirical tone, to point the finger at “greenwashing”, or the misuse of ecology as a marketing strategy, and questions the designer’s responsibilities.

We offer militaryproducts and services respecting Nature, and by extension, manhimself: a kind of destructive creation worthy of late capitalism, where sophistication matches folly. Project realized with Selcuk Balamir and Shabnam Zeraati.

Greenwar is an unusual brand adopting a unique strategic position in arms industry.

At Greenwar, we are deeply convinced that wars of the third millennium will be ecological, humanistic and poetical. But of course this does not mean the end of casualties. It’s quite the opposite actually!

At Greenwar, we see well beyond the simple human criteria. We position ourselves in a global ecosystem where each and everybeing contributes to the cycle of life, where “human loss” equals“ unleashing springtime”. Death should not be perceived as aloss, but as an essential part of natural cycles.

At Greenwar, we also delight in warfare and wordfare: we play with arms and words alike. That’s why, at Greenwar, we would talk about playing with arms rather than slaying with arms. Likewise, roaring tanks would turn into mellifluous carts, sowing the seeds of a green Arcadia. At Greenwar, ecology is a war that never ends.

Exposition Greenwar

2011  -  3sat, report in the tv show Bauerfeind about Greenwar project (3sat: international german television)

2009  -  Parcours du design, commerce and industry chamber, Strasbourg, France

2009  -  EUNIQUE, art and design fair, Karlsruhe, Germany

Bullet for the earth

DSR-3000 mx

Boom Balloon

Advertising campaign

Mathieu Grosche Designer Explorer

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